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How to save the informal economy

Pritha Dev, Akshaya Vijayalakshmi, Jeemol Unni | September 9, 2020 | The Hindu BusinessLine

Open courts, open data: Digitisation of India’s legal system needs ramping up

MP Ram Mohan, Eshwar Agarwal | August 16, 2020 | The Hindu BusinessLine

How India can boost social impact investing

Ankur Sarin, M S Sriram | August 14, 2020 | liveMint

Covid-19 and the rise of digital identity

Anuj Kapoor, Laxminarayana Yashaswy Akella | August 10, 2020 | Forbesindia

It’s time to flatten the pandemic stereotyping

Rama Mohana R. Turaga, George Kandathil, Joshy Jacob | July 16, 2020 | The Hindu

OPINION: We need alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in India

Eshwar Agarwal, Bani Singh, M.P. Ram Mohan | July 09, 2020 | The Week

Improving India’s school system: a bottom-up approach

Vijaya Sherry Chand, Kathan Dushyant Shukla | June 29, 2020 | BLOnCampus

The ailment that is the human condition

Errol D'Souza | June 24, 2020 | thREAD

Pandemic as a springboard for judicial reforms with a human touch

Bani Singh, Eshwar Agarwal, MP Ram Mohan | June 23, 2020 | The Hindu BusinessLine

IIM Study proves stronger insolvency and bankruptcy framework likely to enhance credit discipline in firms

Balagopal Gopalakrishnan, Sanket Mohapatra | June 22, 2020 | Ibtimes

IIM examine proves companies can enhance credit willpower by more robust insolvency and bankruptcy framework

Balagopal Gopalakrishnan, Sanket Mohapatra | June 22, 2020 | Arunachalfront

Education policy-making needs a rethink

Kathan Shukla, Vijaya Sherry Chand | June 19, 2020 | BLOnCampus

Time to strengthen Urban Local Body revenues

Errol D'Souza, Astha Agarwalla | June 18, 2020 | Hindu BusinessLine

'Pharma, telecom gained during crisis'

Joshy Jacob, Balagopal Gopalakrishnan | June 17, 2020 | Times of India

Rumors vs Fake News: How to address misinformation in crisis?

Rajesh Chandwani | June 17, 2020 | ETGovernment

How luxury brands can create hedonistic experiences, virtually

Laxminarayana, Sourav and Amalesh | June 10, 2020 | Forbes India

Who's afraid of monetisation of the deficit?

T.T. Ram Mohan | June 08, 2020 | The Hindu

Analysing India’s corporate bond market during Covid-19

Abhiman Das | June 5, 2020 | Hindu BusinessLine


Empowering SMBs Post-COVID-19: A SMALL Framework

Anuj Kapoor | June 4, 2020 |

Pooled testing to unlock economy

Tarun Jain | June 3, 2020 | Telangana Today

Warehousing protocols must change with COVID-19; vital suggestions

Debjit Roy | May 30, 2020 | International Business Times, India Edition

In a post Coronavirus era, the warehousing sector must consider a few precautionary measures to ensure safety and efficiency. In this piece, Prof. Debjit Roy from Production and Quantitative Methods area weighs in on this vital topic with some inputs published in The International Business Times.


The "fallible" Data Science Discipline in times of the novel Pandemic

Arindam Banerjee | May 29, 2020 | SAGE India Digest

Prof. Arindam Banerjee from Marketing Area at IIM Ahmedabad co-wrote an article with Prof. Tanushri Banerjee titled “The “fallible” Data Science Discipline in times of the novel Pandemic” published in The Sage India Digest. They talk about the failure of data models and problems involved in the date used to apply the models.


Of firms and nations

Chirantan Chatterjee | May 28, 2020 | The Hindu

Prof. Chirantan Chatterjee from Economics Area at IIMA analyses that how the relevance of the work of Oliver Williamson, the Nobel Laureate from the University of California, Berkeley and Alberto Alesina, a Harvard political economist, will deepen in the post Covid-19 era. The article was published in The Hindu.


Monsoon in the time of COVID-19: A dual disaster challenge

Jacob P Alex, MP Ram Mohan | May 28, 2020 | The Week

How can we deal with a pandemic and a water-related disaster come monsoon? Professor M. P. Ram Mohan, professor of public policy at IIMA and Jacob Alex review the dual challenges that India might face in the coming months, in their The Week Column. The disaster management plans and guidelines that are in place currently, however, are not designed to manage biological and natural disasters simultaneously. The situation demands that the country must start preparing to handle dual disasters.


Philanthropy during Covid-19 crisis: Role of crowdfunding platforms

Rajesh Chandwani, Vimalkumar M and Sujeet K Sharma | May 23, 2020 |

Prof. Rajesh Chandwani from Human Resource Management Area at IIMA co-write an article with Vimalkumar M and Sujeet K Sharma in ET Government on How Crowdfunding platforms are becoming popular and Billions of dollars are raised around the world through crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Gofundme.


Majority of trucks have no drivers amid Coronavirus lockdown; smart operating models explored

Debjit Roy | May 23, 2020 | International Business Times, India Edition

The coronavirus-led lockdown has had a severe impact on the trucking sector due to the shortage of truck drivers. In this article published in the International Business Times, Prof. Debjit Roy from Production and Quantitative Methods area, talks about how two-third of the trucks in India are idling, which is a serious cause for concern.


Pandemic exposes the weakness of our social infrastructure

Ankur Sarin, Vinayak Kishore | May 22, 2020 | Hindu BusinessLine

IIMA Prof. Ankur Sarin and Vinayak Kishore, Ph.D. Scholar from Public Systems area co-wrote an article titled "Pandemic exposes the weakness of our social infrastructure" in The Hindu Businessline. They talk about how the challenge of Covid 19 virus brings the world economy to a grinding halt, and severe pressures on public systems stare us right in the face, we are being forced to deal with issues which so far have been relegated to the realm of the idealists’ utopia.


Leading in the times of Covid-19

Neharika Vohra | May 20, 2020 |

Prof. Neharika Vohra from Organizational Behaviour Area at IIMA pens down a few pointers for effective leadership in her article titled "Leading in the times of Covid-19" published in Forbes India. She talks about how the businesses will have to deal with the sudden disruptions and come to terms with the new normal.


Marketing post COVID-19: Have you developed your recovery strategy yet?

Anuj Kapoor | May 16, 2020 |

Prof Anuj Kapoor from Marketing Area at IIM Ahmedabad, in his article published in Trade Promotion Council of India, opines that even if business has slowed down or halted, companies need to be able to plan a way to market themselves through the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery period. This will bring sustenance as well as the ability to capitalise on new opportunities.



Coronavirus relief work: Who needs to be accountable to whom?

Ankur Sarin | May 15, 2020 |

Professor Ankur Sarin, professor of public systems from IIMA said that the funders need to change the way they assess the efforts of frontline workers, in his column for the Scroll. For funders, philanthropists and governments to reimagine a different kind of world, it is also essential that they reimagine how they manage themselves. How do they ensure that the voices of those at the frontline are amplified, heard and not censored by well-produced reports and narratives that gloss over the imperfect reality we live in.


Going concern assessment in the Covid-19 environment

Sobhesh Kumar Agarwalla & Jayanth R Varma | May 15, 2020 | Hindu BusinessLine

Prof. Jayanth R Varma and Prof. Sobhesh Kumar Agarwalla from Finance and Accounting area at IIMA write about how it would be better if companies made assessments based on a common template of assumptions laid down by the regulators instead of leaving it to the judgment of the management and auditors in the article published in The Hindu Businessline.


Salesforce Management: Tangible Solutions to Face an Invisible Enemy

Sourav Borah & Aditya Moses | May 14, 2020 | BW people

Prof. Sourav Borah from Marketing Area and Prof. Aditya Moses from Human Resource Management Area at IIMA pen their expert views on Understanding the concerns of the sales force and encouraging sales force to suggest alternate pathways for sales are vital for the creation of a highly effective sales force. The article is published in BW People.


Getting cash transfers out of a JAM

Reetika Khera | May 13, 2020 | The Hindu

Professor Reetika Khera, professor of economics from IIMA shares her views long with Professor Jean Dreze for effective cash relief in response to the COVID-19 crisis; the government must think beyond the Jan Dhan Yojana, in their column for the Hindu.


Why RBI shouldn't finance govt borrowings

Errol D'Souza & Astha Agarwalla | May 13, 2020 | Business Standard

Prof. Errol D’Souza, Director, IIMA and Astha Agarwalla write about the government’s announcement to borrow 54 per cent more than planned increases the Centre’s fiscal deficit up from the budgeted 3.5 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) to 5.5 per cent in the article published in the Business Standard.


‘Relaxing Labour Laws Can’t Help Industry In The Long Run; Formalising The Economy Can’

Errol D'Souza | May 13, 2020 | IndiaSpend

Prof. Errol D’Souza, Director, IIMA in an interview conducted by Bhaskar Tripathi from India Spend, talks about how the formalised economy would be able to secure the livelihoods of its workforce through the prevalence of institutions that mitigate the impact of shocks. Post COVID-19, India needs to start moving towards formalising its economy, which will improve the quality of jobs and life for millions of its workers.


Crisis Management By Doctors: Strategies For Crisis Communication In Health Sector

Asha Kaul | May 11, 2020 | BW Healthcareworld

Prof. Asha Kaul from Communications Area at IIMA writes about the crisis management in the Health Sector and by Doctors during the Covid 19 in the article published in BW Healthcare World.


India can become the pharmacy of the world

Arvind Sahay | May 7, 2020 | Hindu BusinessLine

Professor Arvind Sahay of Marketing Area at IIMA talks about the opportunity for the Indian pharmaceutical industry to play a larger role in global drug supply-security in the Hindu Businessline opinion section.


‘Volatility is what we prepare our students for’

Errol D'Souza | May 7, 2020 | BLOnCampus

Prof. Errol D’Souza, Director, IIM Ahmedabad, in an interview conducted by Vinay Kamath from BusinessLine on Campus, said that the graduating batch is stepping into the corporate world at a most volatile and uncertain time, given the pandemic sweeping the world and advises his students to not to lose heart.


Covid-19: Rejig product offerings for the "Brave New World" - Trade Promotion Council of India

Arindam Banerjee | May 6, 2020 |

Prof. Arindam Banerjee from Marketing Area at IIMA advises marketers to rejig product offerings to make them suit a changed consumer market that has, at least somewhat moved back to the basics, in his article titled “Covid-19: Rejig product offerings for the “Brave New World”” published in Trade Promotion Council of India.


Protecting rural livelihoods under Covid-19

Sukhpal Singh | May 5, 2020 | Hindu BusinessLine

“This is the time to decentralise food grains procurement to many more States, especially ones with high proportion of marketable surplus and of small and marginal farmers” writes Prof. Sukhpal Singh from Centre for Management in Agriculture at IIMA in his article published in The Hindu Businessline.


Making Markets Work for Farmers During and After the Lockdown

Sukhpal Singh | May 5, 2020 | The India Forum

The lockdown disrupted agricultural markets just when the rabi crop was harvested. To support farmers the states & the centre need to devise policies to expand procurement to cover more crops & small farmers. Support is needed for rabi & the kharif seasons opines Prof. Sukhpal Singh from Centre for Management in Agriculture at IIMA in his article published in The India Forum.


Adapting Marketing to the Changing Times

Akshaya Vijayalakshmi | May 2, 2020 |

Professor Akshaya Vijayalakshi, professor of marketing from IIMA shares her insight on how Covid-19 is an opportunity for firms to view their consumers and employees and the environment they live in with more empathy, in her blog article for Trade Promotion Council of India. Studies have shown that firms that are more charitable and understanding of their consumers and employee needs tend to do well and last long.


The hunger challenge of the lockdown

Jeevant Rampal | May 1, 2020 | Hindu BusinessLine

India’s hunger statistics are among the poorest in the world. The slump in earnings and employment among the vulnerable sections during the lockdown is likely to worsen the situation. Professor Jeevant Rampal, an economics professor from IIMA, shares his expert opinion on such a dire challenge in The Hindu Businessline.


How Different MSMEs Are Planning To Respond To Covid-19 Crisis?

Chitra Singla | April 30, 2020 | BusinessWorld

Professor Chitra Singla, professor of business policy at IIMA shares the summarises the finding of a survey in BW Businessworld. The survey was sent to 120 MSME owners of different industries to understand what kind of challenges they are facing, what initiatives are being taken by them to deal with covid19 crisis, and what kind of expectations they are having from the government.


कोरोना संकट से निपटने के लिए स्थानीय जनप्रतिनिधियों की भूमिका बेहद ज़रूरी है

Ankur Sarin | April 29, 2020 | The Wire Hindi

अंकुर सरीन आईआईएम, अहमदाबाद के प्रोफेसर और शाहनवाज़ शेख़ ने ध वायर से कहा आज जब समाज एक वैश्विक महामारी से गुज़र रहा है, तो नगर प्रतिनिधियों की इसमें कोई तय भूमिका नहीं दिखाई दे रही है. औपचारिक रणनीति में भी उनकी ज़िम्मेदारियां स्पष्ट नहीं हैं, नतीजतन शहरी प्रशासन के ढांचे का एक हिस्सा निष्क्रिय जान पड़ता है.


Will COVID-19 Lockdowns Generate Public Support for Climate Change Mitigation?

Rama Mohana Turaga | April 29, 2020 | The Wire

In this article, published in The Wire, Prof. Rama Mohana Turga from Public Systems Group at IIMA examines the extant academic research to understand the likely impact of the pandemic on public support for environmental protection in general and climate change mitigation in particular.


What steps the government can take to restart the economy

Abhiman Das | April 28, 2020 | Hindu BusinessLine

The country is under lockdown for a month now. Since then, India’s economy has gone into the sleep mode. All of us, including policy makers, doctors and experts are grappling for some definite way out to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. Professor Abhiman Das of Economics Area at IIMA shares some suggestions to get the economy up and about with The Hindu Businessline.


OPINION: Keep cities moving during the global COVID-19 pandemic

Sandip Chakrabarti | April 27, 2020 | Thomson Reuters Foundation News

Professor. Sandip Chakrabarti, a professor in the Public Systems Group at the IIMA and Dr. Andy Hong share their expert opinion in Thompson Reuters on urban transportation strategies can mitigate the hardship caused by coronavirus and future pandemics. Abrupt shutdown of economic activities and transport in India rendered thousands of poor migrant labourers jobless and prevented them from returning safely to their distant hometowns and reuniting with families.


COVID-19 and the ambit of the Disaster Management Act

M P Ram Mohan | April 26, 2020 | The Week

COVID-19 is the first pan India biological disaster being handled by the legal and constitutional institutions of the country. The current lockdown has been imposed under the Disaster Management Act, 2005 (DM Act). Though the Constitution of India is silent on the subject ‘disaster’, the legal basis of the DM Act, is Entry 23, Concurrent List of the Constitution “Social security and social insurance”. Entry 29, Concurrent List “Prevention of the extension from one State to another of infectious or contagious diseases or pests affecting men, animals or plants,” can also be used for specific law making. Professor M.P. Ram Mohan, professor of public policy at IIMA who has extenstively researched on law and Jacob P. Alex talk to The Week about the rule of law during the COVID.


COVID-19 and Aadhaar: Why the Union Government’s Relief Package is an Exclusionary Endeavour

Reetika Khera | April 25, 2020 | EPW Engage

Professor Reetika Khera, professor of economics and Anmol Somanchi, research Associate from IIMA review Aadhaar-related issues during COVID Lockdown, for EPW readers. There is a real possibility that the central government's relief package may not reach its intended beneficiaries.


Post Lockdown: How to prepare for the next phase

Rajesh Chandwani | April 25, 2020 |

Prof. Rajesh Chandwani from Human Resource Management Area at IIMA co-write an article with Sujeet K Sharma and Jang Bahadur Singh in ET Government on the dilemma of choosing between economy and health during Covid-19. Effective management of this dilemma depends upon how one tackle another dilemma of public health management- focus on individual patients or the population in general


How Not To Waste A Crisis

Arvind Sahay with Sachit Jain | April 24, 2020 | BusinessWorld

Besides keeping the financial wheels of the business turning without any revenue, another major challenge is to keep its employees engaged and positive during these unprecedented times. Professor Arvind Sahay of Marketing area at IIMA shares his expertise with BW Businessworld readers.


There will be massive labour shortages in major cities

Chinmay Tumbe | April 24, 2020 | The Week

The lockdown has led to a humanitarian crisis, affecting millions of migrant workers. While some of them are stuck in the cities, many have returned to their villages, some even walking hundreds of kilometres. The workers came to the cities in search of livelihood, but the ongoing crisis has forced them to seek the emotional comfort of their homes. The Week spoke to migration expert Professor Chinmay Tumbe, assistant professor of economics at IIMA, about the ongoing crisis.


How will India emerge out of the lockdown?

Reetika Khera | April 24, 2020 | The Hindu

After a 39-day lockdown, what will be the shape of things to come? How should one strike a balance between ensuring livelihoods, minimising strife, and maintaining social distancing? In a discussion moderated by G. Ananthakrishnan of The Hindu, Professor Reetika Khera, professor of economics, IIMA and Giridhar R. Babu examine the options.


Covid begets change: Will this temporary lockdown morph the consumer?

Akshaya Vijayalakshmi & Niranjana Mishra | April 24, 2020 | Forbes India

Prof. Akshaya Vijayalakshmi, professor of marketing from IIMA and PhD student Nirajana Mishra review some interesting trends that have emerged as consumers are reconsidering their consumption sources and re-negotiating their communication modes for their article in Forbes India.


The Unprecedented COVID-19 Crisis Will Require A Multipronged Policy Response

Sanket Mohapatra | April 21, 2020 | BusinessWorld

Keeping in mind the multiplicity of shocks associated with the COVID-19 crisis, Professor Sanket Mohapatra, Chairperson of Economics Area at IIMA and Mr. Saurabh Pinjani state that there needs to be a well-designed multipronged policy response of an unprecedented scale to prevent the cracks in the Indian economy from widening. These thoughts are part of their BW Businessworld column.


Only half of India’s household consumption will come through post covid

Rama Bijapurkar | April 20, 2020 | liveMint

“India’s household consumer demand is vulnerable and skittish because of dismal occupation demographics, lowly paid and uncertain livelihoods for most” write Prof. Rama Bijapurkar from Marketing Area at IIMA and Dr. Rajesh Shukla in The Live Mint.


Integrated land acquisition is key to a pandemic-resilient economy

Ranjan Kumar Ghosh | April 18, 2020 | BLOnCampus

Prof. Ranjan Kumar Ghosh, Centre for Management in Agriculture from IIMA and Pranab R Choudhury write an article in BusinessLine on Campus about how destructive land use can increase our vulnerability to disease outbreaks.


India’s Covid-19 lockdown has made a national policy on domestic workers more urgent than ever

Akshaya Vijayalakshmi & Pritha Dev | April 16, 2020 |

The nationwide lockdown has caused hardships to women on both sides of the divide. Women from well-to-do households suddenly find themselves overburdened with housework atop other commitments, while domestic workers are faced with an uncertain future. Professor Pritha Dev, Chairperson and Professor Akshaya Vijayalakshmi, member of the Gender Centre at the IIMA express the need for a policy to unionise the domestic workers and push for minimum wage, in their Scroll column.


Further Estimations of the Likely Total Infections and Deaths Due to COVID19 in Select Countries (Version 2 dt. April 10, 2020)

Sebastian Morris | April 15, 2020 | IIMA Working Paper

This research paper by Professor Sebastian Morris, professor of economics area at IIMA estimated the likely cases and deaths over the course of the pandemic for a number of countries. The paper also reinforces earlier estimates, and new estimates are made for a select set of countries where the growth rates in the numbers of cases, and deaths have begun to decline. We also give estimates of the current growth rates in cases and deaths that these countries are likely to witness.


Stimulus 2.0 won't change outlook for business

T T Ram Mohan | April 15, 2020 | Business Standard

Prof. T. T. Ram Mohan from Finance and Accounting area at IIMA talks about how the second fiscal stimulus will focus on supporting businesses especially MSMEs, in the article published in the Business Standard.


Only germs this time, no guns and steel (yet)?

Chirantan Chatterjee & Anindya Chakrabarti | April 14, 2020 | Ideas For India

The first round of globalisation over the previous centuries was associated with a transmission of diseases between continents. With Covid-19, history seems to be repeating itself, but this time in the form of a global pandemic fuelled by increased human connectivity. Professor Anindya Chakrabarti & Professor Chirantan Chatterjee (Professors of Economics Area) of IIMA discuss how globalisation may itself be set back by Covid-19, as countries have stopped production and supply chains have been disconnected, reversing the gains made by mankind over the past two centuries, on Ideas for India.


What Can MSME Owners Do To Manage COVID-19 Crisis?

Chitra Singla | April 14, 2020 | BusinessWorld

The Covid crisis has also raised red flags about the current business models. MSME owners can prepare a list of learnings from this crisis situation and also explore alternative business models. Professor Chitra Singla, professor of business policy at IIMA shares her expert view on BW Businessworld.


Calibrating exit and stimulus is our best bet

T T Ram Mohan | April 14, 2020 | Business Standard

Prof. T. T. Ram Mohan from Finance and Accounting Area at IIMA talks about the discussion about the 3-week lockdown due to Corona Virus and how a lockdown is not about eradication but containment of the spread in his article titled “Calibrating exit and stimulus is our best bet” published in The Business Standard.


‘Migrants are needed for growth and development … government must address their problems immediately’

Chinmay Tumbe | April 13, 2020 | Times of India

Domestic economic migrants have hit the headlines following the lockdown. Professor Chinmay Tumbe, an economics professor at IIM Ahmedabad, has extensively researched the subject. He talks about it to Sugandha Indulkar of Times of India.


COVID-19 and Beyond: The Necessity of Creating a Global Health Policy Trifecta

Chitantan Chatterjee | April 12, 2020 | Science, The Wire

Professor Chirantan Chatterjee, Chairperson of the Center for Management of Health Services at IIMA, shared his expertise with the Wire, on the severe economic and healthcare costs the world will incur during the pandemic. His research focuses on global health and pharmaceutical economics.


Experts Explain: Loss of income; ground-up assessment of recovery support to households

Rama Bijapurkar | April 12, 2020 | The Indian Express

Prof. Rama Bijapurkar from Marketing Area at IIMA and Rajesh Shukla write an article in The Indian Express. The column offers a household-level data of Indian households to feed into the on-going macro-level discussion about the right level of financial support needed to help citizens get to their feet following the loss of income caused by the lockdown, and where it should be deployed.


Don't Manage Employees During Coronavirus Crisis

Promila Agarwal | April 12, 2020 | BW BusinessWorld

Prof. Promilla Agarwal, Human Resource Management Area at IIMA pens an article in the BusinessWorld suggesting the organizations to lay a foundation of driving high performance from employees post coronavirus crisis.


Cash Chorus Is Flawed. Use “Odisha Model” Instead

Reetika Khera | April 11, 2020 | NDTV

How will people withdraw cash? Despite all the hype around it and the rapid growth in digital payments, the usage figures for the rural population are sobering. According to the Global Financial Inclusion Index 2017, just over a quarter of young adults (aged above 15 years) in rural areas had a debit card or used digital payments. Only 4% used their mobile or internet to access their account. One percent had a mobile account. Professor Reetika Khera, professor of economics from IIMA, shares her insights on 'Odisha Model' in the NDTV Column.


Succour for the most vulnerable

Reetika Khera | April 11, 2020 | India Today

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed India’s underfunded welfare state, especially public healthcare. Professor Reetika Khera, professor of economics, IIMA believes that this is a moment to radically reset state priorities. She shares her expert opinion in her India Today column.


Sthalantarit Kamgar: Smart Havi Pudhachi Pavla (Migrant Workers: Next steps should be "Smart")

Chinmay Tumbe | April 9, 2020 | (In Marathi)

Prof. Chinmay Tumbe, from Economics Area at IIMA pens down his expert opinion in the Marathi Article, published in Sakal’s Pune Edition, on the current situation of Migrant Workers in Maharashtra due to Covid-19, how the number of migrant workers have increased as compared to the year 2011 and what kind of steps the State Government may take for them.


COVID-19: Can We Push Pharma Innovation Without Giving Away Pricey Patents?

Chirantan Chatterjee | April 9, 2020 | Science, The Wire

Professor Chirantan Chatterjee, Chairperson of the Center for Management of Health Services at IIMA, shared his expertise on how incentives for innovation usually run opposite to the incentives for providing access to medicines in society. His research focuses on global health and pharmaceutical economics.


No lockdown for abuse

Pritha Dev & Akshaya Vijayalakshmi | April 9, 2020 | The Hindu

In the first week of the lockdown, one of the 257 complaints calls that the National Commission for Women (NCW) received was from a father in Rajasthan who said his daughter was being beaten by her husband and had not been provided food since the lockdown began. Professor Akshaya Vijayalakshmi of Marketing area and Professor Pritha Dev of Economics area at IIMA talk about the need for both formal and informal means of support for women facing domestic violence now.


Chinmay Tumbe interview: ‘Before announcing lockdown, assuring migrant workers would have helped’

Chinmay Tumbe | April 6, 2020 | Indian Express

The migrants' health takes a huge beating in this process. The already-malnourished will suffer immensely, says Professor Chinmay Tumbe, economist and Assistant Professor at IIM (Ahmedabad), in his interview with The Indian Express.



Should you lead or defend?: Messaging in the time of coronavirus

Akshaya Vijayalakshmi | April 6, 2020 | Brand Equity, Economic Times

How could policymakers communicate safety messages, or how should brands position themselves? Professor Akshaya Vijayalakshmi, professor of marketing at IIMA asks us to look toward psychology to better answer that question in her article for Economic Times.


State of migration crisis in Gujarat

Chinmay Tumbe | April 5, 2020 | Ahmedabad Mirror

In the much-fabled Gujarat model of development, infrastructure and industries are usually touted as golden pillars of its growth story. A less-acknowledged pillar is the migrant workforce of which there are three kinds. Professor Chinmay Tumbe (Professor of Economics) from IIMA explained them extensively in his column for Ahmedabad Mirror. Prof. Tumbe has also authored the book - 'India Moving: A History of Migration'.


कोरोना वायरस से पीएम मोदी की लड़ाई में 70 फ़ीसदी आबादी ग़ायब है- नज़रिया

Reetika Khera | April 4, 2020 | BBC (in Hindi)

रीतिका खेरा आईआईएम, अहमदाबाद ने बबी सी से कहा की दूसरे विश्व युद्ध का माहौल शायद आज दुनिया के माहौल जैसा ही था. लाखों लोगों की मौत हुई, आर्थिक संकट, हिटलर जैसे तानाशाह, जो लोकतांत्रिक रूप से चुने गए, का राज. फिर यूरोप के कई देशों में वही तबाही मचाने वाला विश्व युद्ध एक नए समाज की रचना का अवसर बना.


Economics and dharma in times of Corona

Satish Deodhar | April 4, 2020 | BusinessLine on Campus

Professor Satish Deodhar, Professor of Economics Area at IIMA said rarely in human history have ethical decisions and social goals been highlighted as during the pandemic. More of his interesting insights on such dilemma is shared in The Hindu Businessline.


These policy tips, based on behavioural economics, can help mitigate India’s Covid-19 panic

Jeevant Rampal | April 3, 2020 | Quartz India

The Covid-19 crisis is well and truly upon us. An unprecedented lockdown and economic relief measures have been announced in India. Almost never has it been more necessary for government policy to succeed. Professor Jeevant Rampal, an economics professor from IIMA shares policy tips to mitigate the country's Covid panic on Quartz India.


India cannot relax its guard; needs to ramp up testing strategy’

Chirantan Chatterjee | April 2, 2020 | Times of India

Professor Chirantan Chatterjee, ICICI Bank chair professor at IIMA is the chairperson of the Centre for Management of Healthcare Services (CMHS) at IIMA. In conversation with Parth Shastri from Times of India, Prof. Chatterjee said that the current situation is both a bane and boon for India, and the need of the hour is to ramp up healthcare expenditure, not to relax guard, and to adopt an aggressive testing strategy for quicker and widespread identification of potential infectious persons.


Covid-19 pandemic may shake the US’ economic primacy

Arvind Sahay & Mr Sudheesh Nambiath | April 1, 2020 | Hindu BusinessLine

Professor Arvind Sahay & Mr Sudheesh Nambiath of India Gold Policy Centre at IIMA share their views on the Fed’s rate reduction and quantitative easing, along with the oil price shock and trade tensions with China - how these factors indicate that the US’ prowess as a superpower is declining, with The Hindu Businessline readers


What Statistics and Statistical Modelling Tell Us About COVID-19

Tathagata Bandyopadhyay | March 31, 2020 | Science The Wire

It is too early to assess the direct or indirect consequences of the coronavirus outbreak on the Indian economy. However, before the 21-day lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a survey conducted by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) among its member companies reported that 53% of respondents experienced a significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their businesses; 73% a big reduction in orders; 81% a decrease in cash flow; and 63% a significant effect on their supply chains, and which they expect to worsen. Tathagata Bandyopadhyay, professor of production and quantitative methods at the IIMA shares is insights on the data and much more for the Wire.


From apathy to action

Reetika Khera | March 30, 2020 | The Hindu

In dealing with the health and economic crisis, the Central government’s apathy is disappointing. The Prime Minister’s speech created panic even for the well-off. For the most vulnerable, it triggered a huge exodus from the cities. They were given neither time to prepare for the unplanned lockdown nor support to cope with it. Professor Reetika Khera, professor of economics, IIMA says in dealing with the crisis, the Centre should not only learn from States but also act on its own, to the Hindu readers.


Is social distancing the best way to fight Covid?

Pritha Dev & Anindya Chakrabarti | March 28, 2020 | Hindu BusinessLine

Prof. Anindya Chakrabarti & Prof. Pritha Dev, members of the Economics Area at IIMA specialising in economics and social networks share their opinion in The Hindu Businessline, on how the lockdown hurts the poor most. While targeted intervention through testing has its problems, the government picks up the tab.


In times of a lockdown, support migrant workers

Chinmay Tumbe | March 26, 2020 | Hindustan Times

Internal migrants must be treated as well as international ones. Let them return, provide welfare, ramp up testing says Professor Chinmay Tumbe to Hindustan Times readers. He is a professor of Economics at IIMA who has extensively researched on migrants migration.


How to resolve Indian corporate vulnerability to COVID-19 through policy options

Balagopal Gopalakrishnan (IIMK), Joshy Jacob & Sanket Mohapatra | March 26, 2020 | Hindu BusinessLine

Professor Joshy Jacob (Finance & Accounting Area), Professor Sanket Mohapatra (Economics Area) of IIMA and Professor Balagopal Gopalakrishnan say, that, the immediate response of Indian policymakers should be to ensure the survival of the broader corporate sector and facilitate its early revival from the adverse shock. They have provided solutions to resolve Indian corporate vulnerability to COVID-19 through policy options in their The Hindu Businessline column.


Covid-19: What can be done immediately to help vulnerable population

Reetika Khera | March 25, 2020 | IdeasForIndia (Hindi translation in The Wire)

With over 80% of India’s workforce employed in the informal sector and one-third working as casual labour, Covid-19's spread and subsequent unplanned lockdowns, have created economic havoc in the lives of millions. In this post, Professor Reetika Khera, professor of economics, IIMA puts forward suggestions on what can be done to help people immediately, ranging from cash and in-kind assistance to special measures for migrants in urban areas and urgent health-related measures.


Macroeconomic Challenges Posed by the COVID19 in India

Sebastian Morris | March 25, 2020 | IIMA Blog

Massive intervention in the capital markets to greatly enhance liquidity and reduce the policy rates would be necessary. Otherwise, the financial sector would tumble like nine pins. Professor Sebastian Morries, professor of economics at IIMA suggests a rate cut by 1.5% and a massive injection of liquidity well above the reverse sterilization requirement following from the capital flight out of India, in his blog on monetary challenges faced by India during COVID.



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